UAN Balance Checking By SMS / Miss Call

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Due to developing technology in the modernized era of today. One can easily access his or her EPF balance by simply sending a text message to 7738299899. This text message should be written and stated in a certain format such as EPFOHO UAN ENG.

You are allowed to choose the language you want your massage in, for example in the above illustration ENG is an abbreviation to mean English language. However, you can still receive the details and information in any one of this linguistics Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannad, Guajarati, Bengali and Malayalam.

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There are certain condition a person is required to meet so that the text message facility can function properly. Below the circumstances are listed.

  1. The mobile number you are using should be registered as yours in UAN database portal
  2. The UAN of a participant is to be seeded through a bank account, PAN card or even Aadhar card number.
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It is a method of acquiring your balance that’s pretty simple and efficient. Therefore, people should easily embrace it and adapt it. It is useful since it assists one in monitoring his or her account balance without necessarily going to the establishment itself to ask for succor.

The other way that enables you to access information on your balance and other details through your phone is a missed call. You are required to call 01122901406. Once you have just made your missed call, soon after, you will receive a text message from EPFO. This message will have your required PF details plus your UAN balance. This would only work if:

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  1. Your UAN number is listed in the UAN database portal
  2. The UAN Number of the participant member is well seeded through a bank account, aadhaar number card or PAN card.

Both of these methods are very stress-free for one to perform and take very few minutes to complete and get the reply back.

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