PF Claim Application Form

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PF is an acronym for Provident Fund. There are various PF claim forms and schemes that accommodate the claims .We explain and elaborate more on them. The scheme discussed below covers the Indian workers and also international workers. It’s currently one of the biggest social security establishments in India.

How to Withdraw PF Online Explained on YouTube in Hindi:

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  • The employee PF scheme 1952 claim forms

These are for the concluding settlements by members [form 19], Used in withdrawals during certain case [form 31] ,during transfer of the outdated Provident Funds account to the modernized accounts [form 13], during the financing of LIC policy[form 14] and finally during the last settlement in support of the nominee of the deceased member

[form 20]

  • The Employee Pension Scheme 1995 Claim Focus
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Applies if you are receiving monthly pension [Form 10 D], during withdrawal of Provident fund benefits and also the certificate scheme [form10 C]

  • The Employees Linked Deposit Insurance Scheme 1976 Claim forms

Used during the claiming of insurance value by the beneficiary or even nominee in the event that a PF members passes on during his or her service [form 51F]

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Below is a list the relevant PF forms

  • Form -2: This is used in joining the fund
  • Form 5: This form is to be filled in by the employer only. It is a monthly report.
  • Form 10 D: Used in to claiming owed pension.
  • Form 10 C: To request for withdrawal benefits or scheme certificate which is under pension employees scheme of 1995
  • Form 12 A: Concerned with the different heads of accounts. Provides details of number of employees contribution
  • Form 19: To request for the final settlement of the PF by a member
  • Form 3 A: Information on employee contribution.
  • Form 6 A: Consolidation list of the employees
  • Form 8: Change/cancellation of nominee
  • Form 13: Transfer of the provident or pension funds from one account to another
  • Form 31: To claim withdrawal that is temporary or advance under the provident funds for employees.
  • Form 51 F: To make a claim of assurance benefit which is under deposit linked insurance for employees by the legal beneficiary of the member.
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You should always use the suitable form that is applicable in claiming provident pension funds, scheme certificate, withdrawal benefits, and deposit linked insurance benefit as given above.

In filling the forms, you have to make sure that all the application enquiries are properly filled. The information required by the forms will be relating to name, and account number. All the details should be to what is available at the employees provident fund organization. All the applications should have the concerned members signature.

The application should be confirmed by a previous the event that he or she is not available, another official with the proper rank should do the confirmation. The desired payment mode should be legibly given.

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During an application it’s very important to always ensure you follow the correct steps and procedure required. The claim forms can be obtained online or at the organization offices. After making a claim you should follow up on the process.

EPFO UP                                  EPFO MP                               EPFO AP            

EPFO Delhi                             EPFO Maharashtra            EPFO Bihar

EPFO Tamil Nadu                 EPFO  Karnataka                EPFO Telangana

EPFO Kerala                           EPFO Odisha                        EPFO West Bengal

EPFO Chhattisgarh              EPFO Jharkhand                 EPFO Rajasthan

EPFO Haryana                      EPFO Punjab                        EPFO Jammu & Kashmir

EPFO Assam                          EPFO Chandigarh               EPFO Puducherry

EPFO Mizoram                     EPFO Tripura                       EPFO Arunachal Pradesh

EPFO Meghalaya                 EPFO Sikkim                         EPFO Himachal Pradesh

EPFO Manipur                     EPFO Gujarat                        EPFO Uttarakhand

EPFO Nagaland                   EPFO Goa

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