How to Apply for PRAN Card Online

How to Apply for PRAN Card Online 

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PRAN is an acronym that stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. The number comes into being after the central government introduced the new pension scheme. This system was implemented as from 1st January 2004. The national system of the pension has managed to make the account number obligatory to all the employees who have been hired by the government on 1st January 2004 going forward. They employees that joined during this period get automatically enrolled for the national pension scheme.

How can one apply for the PRAN card?

Since this cared is mandatory to all the state and central government employees. They easily carry out their registration through the national securities depository limited [NSDL]. The form of application for PRAN registration is easily obtained from the official website for NSDL. The employees are  just required to download the form and  afterward fill it in. The filled in form should later on be submitted to their administration head officer who is then mandated to submit the form to the CRA [central record keeping agency].

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The applicants who have done registrations via DDO [drawing and distributing office] and also CRA can apply for the PRAN allotment. They are required to first carry out registration process with CRA before DDO. Any employee who falls under the age group of 18 – 60 can easily apply for a PRAN card.

Nodal office generates the account number for the permanent retirement purposes thus making it an easier and much simpler task for one carry out the application   online. The details which are required during the online application are

  1. Section A involves the applicant personal details
  2. Section B involves details of employment
  3. Section c involves details of subscribers nomination
  4. Section D involves I – pin and T – pin.
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The applicant is mandated to fill in all the sections using correct details. Fake details are not permitted. Among the above 5 sections, segment B will be filled in by the DDO. In cases where by a person is registered to the old pension system and he or she would like to carry out a new application .The details used in the ancient application should also be used in the fresh application.

The new pension system comes up with some changes involving both the employee and the employer and both of them make a certain amount of contribution to the fund each month. They are creating wealth that is payable to an individual during the retirement period.

Apart from the above mentioned detailed information required bank details are also mandated. However, if a person does not have a bank account he or she can easily make a declaration at the time of application to provide the needed bank details within six months.

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Information detail such as the PAN card, scheme preference and nomination are all optional. These details can be provided at any given time after the registration. In case a person does not give out his or her preferential scheme details a default pension system will be used.

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