PF Benefits-EPS And PF Nomination

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Employee Provident Scheme Nomination is the process where the person or the employee of a company declares the name of the person to whom the employer will pass the benefits to in case the employee dies. This is usually a requirement for all the employees and members of the provident scheme. the employee can nominate one or more nominees who in many cases are family members and may include husband or wife, children, whether adopted or not and whether they are married or not. This makes it easier for the next of kin to claim the EPF funds without difficulties.

The eligibility of making a nomination is that the nominee should be 18 years old and above and should be a citizen of the country. It is obvious that the nominee should be of sober mind and should not have any cases of mental in capacities.

The nominator should nominate a natural person. By natural person, it means that the nominee should be an individual and not a group, society, Sacco, organization welfare bodies amongst other bodies.

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In the Islam religion, the nominated person gets the administrator power of the deceased’s funds who will then have the responsibility of distributing the funds in accordance to the Faraid law. In the other religion, the person nominated/ the next of kin is the rightful beneficiary of the deceased member’s funds. In a scenario where the nominee passes on, the eligible applicant is the nominees next of kin but before the death of the nominee, the most eligible person is the next of kin of the deceased member.

For you to make a nomination, you are required to submit a couple of documents. They include:

  1. A nomination form (KWSP 4). This form should b completely filled and submitted by the employee at any EPF office and should be done when the employee is still alive.
  2. A copy of identification card. This can be a military identification card, a passport, police identification card of the national identification card.

The member is eligible to a witness who should be a person above the age of 18 years. This person should be present to witness your nomination and should not be the person in the nomination form or an EPF staff.

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In other cases, there is need to revoke the nomination. This should be done upon the death of the nominee during the lifetime of the employee/ member. It can also be done through notice of revocation of nomination by filling the KWSP 4A form or if form KWSP4 is submitted by the member. Revocation of nomination can be done in case the member leaves the country meaning they have fully withdrawn by the employee.

Updating the nomination can be done time to time before the member attains the age of 75 years of age. This can be done through submission of a new form KWSP.

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Lastly, checking of the nomination can be done through any EPF office or completing the nomination checking form KWSP 4B and submitting the address together with your identity card or any  of the relationship of the nominee with the employee.

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