PF Claim Status Check Online

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It is a requirement by law that every employee who works in either a private or a public organisation and whose monthly gross income is over 6,500 rupees should enroll in an Employee Provident Fund Scheme. This should ideally be from the date of commencement of employment as stipulated in the Employee Provident Act of 1952. As an employee having joined an EPF you will sometimes need to make a claim. In that case do you need to be physically presenting yourself to the local EPFO office to find out about the status of your claim? Of course not. You can check your claim status from any computer or device with an internet connection.

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How to check PF claim status online

Checking online for the Employee Provident Fund claim status is a completely automated process that requires no human interaction. As opposed to the old process where one had to fill in a form and take it physically to the local EPFO office in order to find out their claim status and then wait, the online method is fast and convenient. In order to find out the status of your EPF claim you will need to supply the following information:

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  • Your Employee Provident Fund’s account number.
  • The location of the Employee Provident Fund office where the organisation which employs you has your account.

Once you have the above information it is now possible to find out your EPF claim status by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the website of the Employee’s Provident Fund. The web address is

PF Claim Status Check Online- image 1


2. Next you will click on the ‘Know Your Claim Status’ link as highlighted in the image above. You will be directed to another page. The highlighted link below is what you should click on.

PF Claim Status Check Online- image 2


3. You will then be directed to a webpage where you will be required to select the physical location of your employer i.e. the registered office of your employer which in most cases is the state where the headquarters of the organisation you work for is located. An example is shown in the image below where the selected state is Karnataka.

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4.Once you choose the state of your employer’s registered office, region codes, region names, office names and office codes will appear. It should be in the likeness of the web page above. Now depending on where the organisation that has employed you has the Employee Provident Fund accounts click on the particular office name. In a situation where you are unable to figure out which is the right office name you can use the region name.

5.After you have clicked on name of the office, you will be asked to key in the account number of your Employee Provident Fund as shown in the image below.


Put down the number and then proceed to submit the information entered.

Note: In case you don’t know the account number of your Employee Provident Fund, the first place you need to check is on your payslip. Alternatively you can seek the information from the human resources department of your employing organisation.

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6.After submitting the information your claim status as well as claim ID will be generated and consequently appear on the screen.

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