EPFO Portal Login


EPFO Portal Login

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The organization in charge of provident fund for employees [EPFO] is simply defined as a statutory which is under the employment and Labour ministry in India. The services which are offered by the provident fund employee organization are stated below in this article;

  • Provident fund system for employees, 1952
  • Deposit linked insurance organization for employees, 1976
  • Pension scheme for employees, 1995 

The member portal for provident employee fund scheme

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The EPFO portal for members provides all the required information and various services that are related to your provident fund [EPF]. You are required to check in or log into the provided portal so as to check your provident fund balance. This can swiftly and quickly done by accessing your online account passbook of the provident fund. The portal therefore enables a member to get earlier balance feedback and evades the need to wait for the year end receipt so as to find out your account balance.

The portal website offers conveniences in that a member is able to log in anytime by simply registering all the necessary details. Afterward you can easily and comfortably view your account online.an added advantage is that you will be able to receive an SMS sent to your number when the e passbook is ready and available. Below this article will list the procedure one needs to undertake so as to be able to log into the member EPFO portal.

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How to log into the portal

  • You have to visit the member of provident fund website
  • Give out all the required details on the registration page
  • You have to make sure that the correct document types have been provided since the right papers that you registered with in the first original application are the only ones to be accepted. After the registration you are free to access the portal using with the information you provided with the PAN card.you simply have to select the PAN card number in the tab.
  • Check you the information you provided so as to the PIN number
  • After the submission of the documents you will afterwards get a PIN of authorization
  • Then type in the pin of authorization. Afterwards you will be completely registered.

Simply keenly the above provided steps and you can simply open the portal for members. Provide details that are correct such as your phone number, document number and document type. You EPF passbook will be successfully downloaded via the website.

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Things will be easier for you if you adequately remember the below points

  1. You are only allowed to use one mobile number during registration
  2. You can add other id numbers. You are only allowed to make use of one that contains your mobile number so as to log into the portal.
  3. You can only access your EPF account online passbook if your employer has managed to upload the electronic cum challan return online from the month of May 2012 and onwards

Once you have keenly followed the above instructions it becomes easy to gain access to the portal without much struggle.

How to Apply for PRAN Card Online


How to Apply for PRAN Card Online 

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PRAN is an acronym that stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. The number comes into being after the central government introduced the new pension scheme. This system was implemented as from 1st January 2004. The national system of the pension has managed to make the account number obligatory to all the employees who have been hired by the government on 1st January 2004 going forward. They employees that joined during this period get automatically enrolled for the national pension scheme.

How can one apply for the PRAN card?

Since this cared is mandatory to all the state and central government employees. They easily carry out their registration through the national securities depository limited [NSDL]. The form of application for PRAN registration is easily obtained from the official website for NSDL. The employees are  just required to download the form and  afterward fill it in. The filled in form should later on be submitted to their administration head officer who is then mandated to submit the form to the CRA [central record keeping agency].

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The applicants who have done registrations via DDO [drawing and distributing office] and also CRA can apply for the PRAN allotment. They are required to first carry out registration process with CRA before DDO. Any employee who falls under the age group of 18 – 60 can easily apply for a PRAN card.

Nodal office generates the account number for the permanent retirement purposes thus making it an easier and much simpler task for one carry out the application   online. The details which are required during the online application are

  1. Section A involves the applicant personal details
  2. Section B involves details of employment
  3. Section c involves details of subscribers nomination
  4. Section D involves I – pin and T – pin.
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The applicant is mandated to fill in all the sections using correct details. Fake details are not permitted. Among the above 5 sections, segment B will be filled in by the DDO. In cases where by a person is registered to the old pension system and he or she would like to carry out a new application .The details used in the ancient application should also be used in the fresh application.

The new pension system comes up with some changes involving both the employee and the employer and both of them make a certain amount of contribution to the fund each month. They are creating wealth that is payable to an individual during the retirement period.

Apart from the above mentioned detailed information required bank details are also mandated. However, if a person does not have a bank account he or she can easily make a declaration at the time of application to provide the needed bank details within six months.

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Information detail such as the PAN card, scheme preference and nomination are all optional. These details can be provided at any given time after the registration. In case a person does not give out his or her preferential scheme details a default pension system will be used.

PF Withdrawal Rules


PF Withdrawal Rules

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The provident fund is administered by the provident fund establishment. This is a statutory organization that is under labor and finance ministry. It is responsible for helping out employees in saving a portion of their salaries each and every month. Therefore, employees are able to comfortably save  large amount of money that is exempted from  taxation and is to be used after retirement. It can also be defined as a long time saving tool and its main is to ensure that employees have a retirement period that is completely stress free.

The money can also use in different in other various major life events taking place such as home renovations, weddings and for medical treatment purposes. Any establishment which has hired more than 20 workers is obligated to register with the EPFO. So as to make optimum use of the account, employees who operate on salaries must ensure that they familiarize themselves with how the account is handled and operated.

Provident fund [EPF]

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It is always important to take note that it is 12 % of the basic salary plus dearness allowance and food allowance cash value, if they are provided. The amount redacted goes towards the fund monthly contribution. However the employers are required to contribute 8.33% to the employee pension system [EPS] while 3.67% goes towards the fund. The current interest rate acquired from the most current budget is 8.75% per annum. However, the interest rate can easily change it all depend with the fund organization announcement.

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Procedure to follow when you are making a withdrawal on the EPF account

If a member of the fund wishes to make a withdrawal, they are required to fill in form 19 and make a submission to their former employer who in turn is required to attest and sign it. During the form submission, members are required to make submission of other documents which include a letter of resignation, a Cheque which is cancelled. This is to be submitted to the fund organization offices. 

Withdrawal rules

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  • First of all it is important to take note that is considered illegal for one to make EPF withdrawal when he or she is switching jobs from one to another.
  • A salaried person is only allowed to makes withdrawals under two circumstances. First, when he or she is completely jobless and second, when two months have passed without he or she securing another employment opportunity.
  • Experts in this field advice employees to transfer their account from former employees to current ones so that they can continue saving money. This practice is advisable because of the financial management benefits. Employees are able to save more money earns interest and is tax free
  • The Unique Account Number simplifies the money transfer and management process.
  • When employees shift from one job to another they are not given new account numbers they just continue operating the original number.
  • There are list of ten cities in which the fund can be used in such as medical treatment, marriage, construction or a plot purchasing, loan repayment, retirement, home alterations and miscellaneous.

Know About EPF Contribution


Know About EPF Contribution 

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Most Indians have been stricken with the recent popular issue concerning the EPF contribution therefore the employees are not given their complete salary amount. This issue has become compulsory for them to contribute a certain salary percentage to their own scheme. This has made some people experience a problem especially those earning low salary since their payment has been deducted causing it to be less sufficient to cater for to all the monthly expenses. Therefore most people are been driven to accumulate debt. The country is quite cautious when it comes to debt situations but they have been reluctant to help employees in this kind of situation.

According to the recent budget, some people have received some relief. Earlier the employees were required to contribute 12% of the salary to the fund. The employers had to make the same amount of contribution to the fund. Besides the fund the employees were required to make a contribution of 8.33% to the pension for every employee.

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The acquired relief in the EPF contribution

The recent budget has come with some relief particularly pertaining to employees and their salaries. The department earlier experienced several issues particularly when dealing or handling the amount of legal aggravations. It was almost impossible for employees to penetrate through. The numerous issues have been recently handled properly and dealt with conveniently thus eliminating most worries. There is a lot of hope that most employers and employees will benefit from this so much.

One of the primary highlights largely include the option to not pay taxes if your monthly income is less than Rs.30,000.this is also applicable to all senior citizens so that they can be able to adequately take care of themselves and their finances. Earlier the senior citizen were required to also make payments every month to the fund and afterward they would  have a hard time accessing the account due to some legal issues. This did not make much sense at all.

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Another proposal which was presented was to enable employees make the decision on how they would prefer to receive their salary. This proposal is however still in the development stages and would have to companies plus their stakeholders’ opinions before coming up with the final decision. If it is implemented it will be of very great advantage to the employees. This is due to the employees being allowed to make a choice between Employees state insurance establishment or  insurance products pertaining to health. It will also be able to allow them to make other decision that are vital involving their salary contribution.

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With such favorable proposal being formulated, the government has greatly made it easier for people to work for organization and various businesses much more rewarding to the Youngsters who make up to being the largest population any country has. With such kinds of initiatives, the rate of migration to other various countries will decrease and the people will be able to save more money and be comfortable working in their own county.

PF Interest Calculator


PF Interest Calculator

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PF means a contribution both an employer and employee make toward the future benefits and added financial advantage to both you personally and your family.it has been designed to safeguard peoples retirement period so that they can live comfortably and stress free.an employees is required to make 12% monthly salary contribution to the fund. It is mandatory for every organization that has hired more than 20 employees to partake in this practice.

The fund is found under the umbrella of provident fund and provisions act, 1952 and is managed and handled by the providentfund institute. It is a statutory body of the government of India.

This one of the best investment tool an employee can decide to undertake. Both the private and public sector workers are to per take in the exercise. It allows you as an employer and employee to save up money which will be earning a compound interest yearly and will be given to you tax free.

Definition of a PF calculator

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This is a tool provided online allowing a person to adequately calculate the EPF interest on your account. The central government is the one that acts like a bank give you the added interest on you saved up amount. This tool can be simply defined as an investment tool that assists you in investment assessment in the provident fund system.

The PF calculator will be of much help to you not only in knowing your earned interest but will also be able to give an estimate balance of your account when you retire. Therefore, you are able to know the amount of money you expect in the future.

There are several key information you are required to key in the calculator.an employee should give out the following details so as to know the provident fund interest.

  1. The current employees age
  2. EPF balance .the information should be based on current details
  3. Monthly basic salary
  4. Dearness allowances[monthly]
  5. Expected salary raise
  6. Monthly percentage contribution to the fund.
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Once you have keyed in the information onto the calculator, it will give you the total amount of interest you ae expected to receive at retirement time. The EPF calculations have been made much easier buy the use of the calculator.

The interest rate on the provident fund

Before calculating the interest rate.an employee should have the knowledge of the below issues

  • The central government allows gives out the rate of EPF interest. Theinterest notice is obtainable at the official EPFO website and each financial year has its stated interest.
  • Based on the employees’ average monthly balance, the EPF is then calculated. The provident fund contributors are to obtain interest on their contribution and even employers contribution to the same course.
  • Although the interest is to be calculated monthly, the total amount of earn interest is to be credited yearly
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  • Credit payout is to be handled at the month of march towards the end
  • The accounting year is to commerce in February.

Provident Fund Rules


Provident Fund Rules: 

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The provident fund is a saving scheme which is availed to Indian citizens and international workers through the provident fund establishment in India. The fund enables fund accumulation as well as interest on the amount which has been accumulated. The collected fund comes from two sources, which are from the employee him or herself and the employer.

A universal number account system was established in October 2014. This enables account portability of the fund from one employer to another in cases of employment change. The twelve digits number UAN is also very helpful in keeping a detailed record of the account and enables centralized origin so as to conduct any or other additional purposes that are related to the fund account.

Rule governing the provident fund

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Contributions from both the employers and employees add to the provident fund. However, the entire portion of an employer contribution does not go towards the fund but rather some of it goes towards the pension scheme. The current division of fund has been mentioned below

  • 12% of the salary portion of employees goes towards the contribution to the fund
  • 12% of the salary of employer is divided into the following portion
  1. 67% of the contribution goes to the provident fund
  2. 1% of the contribution goes towards the EPF administration charges
  3. 5% of the contribution goes towards employees linked deposit insurance
  4. 01% of the contribution goes to toward the EDLI charges of administration
  5. 33% of the contribution goes toward the pension scheme

Rules governing employee provident fund have undergone numerous changes over the years and accordingly to the exclusion and inclusion of the employees as per the rules also change. According to the most recent change made on the rules, one should have the following in mind

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  1. The revision made on the minimum salary amount – earlier, having a salary below INR 6500 monthly the person was mandated to contribute toward the fund. The amount was now revised to INR 15000. Therefore, employees with salaries more or equal to that amount are mandated to contribute towards the fund
  2. Changes made to the pension amount – the minimum pension amount has now been placed at INR 1000 for a widow of a provident fund member. For the orphan and children it has been placed at INR 250 and INR 750 respectively per month. Therefore, the pension henceforth will be calculated as per the salary average for the last 60 months in place of the 12 months.
  3. Insurance coverage – the initial required coverage under the pension scheme was INR 300,000 per one member
  4. Change in limit of threshold – the minimum on employees number was reduced to ten of them who are to be employed so that the organization is required to pay some salary percentage to the fund
  5. Withdrawals – withdrawals from the account can be made via the use of claim forms for various purposes such as insurance policy and buying of building houses
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Rules are important because it ensures that people are acting as one force.

EPF Offices Address

Sr No State EPF OFFICE LOCATION Name Designation Address Phone No
1 Bangalore Sub-Regional PF Office Yelahanka EPFO Bangalore Shri Mihir Kumar  Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
Sub-Regional PF Office Yelahanka EPFO Bangalore
No. 2, Maruthi Complex, 1st A Main (60 feet road),
HIG A Sector, Near SBI,
Yelahanka New Town,
Bangalore – 560 064.
Ph: Number: +91-80-28460892
Fax Number: +91-80-28564496
2  PF Office Rajarajeshwari Nagar EPFO Bangalore Shri A. Ravi Kumar (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
Pf Office Rajarajeshwari Nagar
PF Office Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore
No.570, Raja Rajeshwari Regency,
Near Rajarajeshwari Temple,
26th Cross, Ideal Home Co-op. Society Layout,
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Mysore Road, Bangalore- 560098.
Ph: Number: +91-80-28600647
Fax Number: +91-80-28605228
3 LIST OF EPF OFFICES IN MADHYA PRADESH MP Sub-Regional PF Office Sagar EPFO Madhya Pradesh Shri D.K.Malhotra (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
PF Office Sagar
Sub-Regional PF Office Sagar EPFO Madhya Pradesh
10, Civil Line,
Sagar – 470 001 (MP).
Ph: Number: +91-7582-226738
Fax Number: +91-7582-227089
4 Sub-Regional PF Office Ujjain EPFO Madhya Pradesh Shri Sashi Bhushan Kumar  (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
7, Bharatpuri, Administrative Area,
Ujjain – 456010 (M.P).
Ph: Number: +91-734- 2517730 / 2521973
Fax Number: +91-734- 2521973
5 Sub-Regional PF Office Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh Shri Ratan Singh Thakur (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
PF Office Jabalpur
Krishi Upaj Mandi Area,
Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur – 482002 (M.P)
Ph: Number: +91-761-2640601
Fax Number: +91-761-2644250
6 Madhya Pradesh Sub-Regional PF Office Gwalior Shri Rizwan Uddin (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
PF Office Gwalior
Sub-Regional PF Office Gwalior, EPFO Madhya Pradesh
IInd Floor, Sanjay Complex, Gwalior.
M P – 474009
Fax Number: +91-751- 2432602

Ph: Number: +91-751- 2638700

7 Regional PF Office Indore Madhya Pradesh Shri Ajay Kumar Mehra (Regional PF Commissioner I)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
PF Office Indore
Regional PF Office Indore Madhya Pradesh
6th-9th Floor, Pradhikaran Bhawan,
7, Race Course Road,
Indore – 452 003 (M.P.)
Ph: Number: +91-731-2435130 / 2530291
Fax Number: +91-731-2531923
8 LIST OF EPF OFFICES IN GUJARAT Sub-Regional PF Office Vapi Gujarat Shri Praveen Kumar Tiwari (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
C.M- 8/5,
NH-8, G.I.D.C, Snehdeep Commercial Complex,Gunjan,
Vapi (Gujarat)- 396195.
Phone No: +91-260-2427976
Fax Number: +91-260-2432611
9 Sub-Regional PF Office Vatwa RPFC Gujarat Shri Prashant Sharma (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
Satyam Shivam Sunderam Tower,
Opposite Maninagar Railway Station,
Maninagar, Vatwa, Ahmedabad – 380 008.
Phone No: +91-79-25460155
Fax Number: +91-79-25460140
10 Sub-Regional PF Office Gujarat Rajkot Shri Vikas Kumar (Regional PF Commissioner II)
(Officer in Charge & Appellate Authority)
PF Office Rajkot
Panchayat Nagar Chowk, Bhavishyanidhi Bhawan,

Rajkot – 360 005 (Gujarat)
University Road,

Phone No: +91-281-2578044
Fax Number: +91-281-2578634

EPF e Passbook

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Retirement fund system in India that provides some benefits to people who earn a salary referred to as Provident Fund (PF) or Employee Provident Fund (EPF).Under this system the employee and employer both give equally. Now the organization [EPFO]has come up with an online accessible passbook flair referred to as EPF e-passbook. Through which an EPF account owners can frequently check the current status of their respective account. A member can easily access all details of the account balance and also have a look at the current status situation anytime he or she wants.

Registration for EPFO

So as to access this online facility of EPF e-passbook, a person has to join through registration which is compulsory. During the registration process several details are required. Below is the list of the necessary information needed;

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Mobile digits

The account number of the bank, voter registration ID card, driving license, PAN card, passport number, Aadhaar card, and Ration Card Number are some of the documents needed. One of the above listed documents will be required in filling in all your required details. The information to be provided must be truthful. Depending upon assortment of the document a person has given out, the number of document is important.

  • Give out the correct name as stated on the document.
  • Email ID
  • Write the confirmation words as they appear on the provided image. Afterwards click on GET PIN.

You will be provided with a four digit number device. After the form submission you are expected to acquire the needed confirmation on your mobile phone. Hence, as simply and quickly as that the registration procedure is completed. Therefore you can easily login in the member portal to check for your current status online. This method is encouraged since it enables members to access all their details without much struggling.

 Generation of the e-passbook[EPF] online

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You can easily log into your account by simply selecting the document provided during registration. Fill in the number of the document and mobile phone number. After login in, on your screen will see your details. You can decide to change the current information by clicking onto your name.

The E-passbook can easily be downloaded from this page. It is done through the clicking of E-passbook download section, then make a selection of your state.After that a PF office in that chosen state has to be selected. Make a point of knowing your state office.

Afterwards enter account digits details of your EPF. The name you provided should  be the same as in the EPFO records. Fill in the captcha and then click on GET PIN, you will receive pin on your phone. Save the pin and keep it safe. It is only for you, therefore should not be shared with other people.

If you e-passbook is readily accessible you can easily download it. If it is not, you are to receive a message stating so and the next step you are required to follow will also be stated.

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Some point to keep in mind regarding EPF e-passbook

  • One mobile number is to be used in one registration. One can simply edit the provided mobile numerals later on.
  • You are allowed to only see one account under just one establishment.
  • You can easily transfer your ancient EPF account to brand new one.
  • You can easily register using a different ID proof and even mobile number so as to view the fine points of different accounts.
  • You are not able to view the inoperative and settled accounts.
  • Your e-passbook is to contain the exact date and month of all the transaction made in your account from the exact year in which annual accounts were updated for the establishment.

UAN Number – How to Register

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The UAN is an abbreviation for the terms Universal Account Number which was started by the Employee Provident Fund Organization. This was until the month of October the year 2011. The universal account number was started by the Provident employee fund organization to reduce the tiresome process of transferring the employee provident funds to the next employee every time the employee moved from one company to another. The Universal Account Number provided a couple of various services to the employees all in one simple window.

UAN is therefore a (12) twelve digit number which is given to each employee who has an employee provident fund number. This number is used by the employer to ensure that the employee has control over their EPF funds account meaning the work of the employer is minimized. The universal account number acts an umbrella of all the other provident fund accounts of the employee.

The universal account number has various benefits to the employee. These benefits include the ability to enter and edit the nomination details of your employee provident fund account, allows easy checking of the employee provident fund account balance and tracking and filing of epf transfer epf claims that have been carried out from the account.

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It also has the benefit of connecting all of the employee’s, the number is portable throughout the employees career meaning they will carry it all through the various companies they will work for all through their career as well as an easy process of downloading the universal account number card.

Again, there is the benefit of a higher retirement benefit for the employees who hold a universal account number. This is because most of the employees would wish to withdraw the amount of money in their EPF account and this would include the withdrawal charges which are deducted from the employee’s and the employer’s contributions. Therefore the UAN will help reduce the withdrawal charges due to the ease of transfer of the money after retirement.

The UAN is used to transfer amounts from previous accounts to the current account easily since the employee supplies his /her UAN and KYC details to his employer where after the verification, the employer then transfers he amount. It is also used to receive monthly alerts through the short message system (SMS) once the employer and the employee contribute to the account.it is also used to check the EPF total balance after the employee’s account has been debited or credited any amount where it also sends a SMS to the employee.

UAN is also used when withdrawing the amounts from the accounts. This is because the process of withdrawing the amount required the signatures of the previous employer before the employee could withdraw them but with the UAN, this is made easier since all the previous employer needs to do is verify your KYC details.

The universal account number differs from the employee’s member I.D. in ways such as: the employee will have only one UAN whereas s/he can have more than one member ids depending on the number of companies he has been employed. All these member identities can be put in one UAN.

UAN Number Registration Process

Before the registration of the UAN number, you will need to have a few items. These items include your provident fund number, which you can easily get from your pay slip, your date of birth as it is registered with the records of the Employee Provident Fund Officer which may differ in many cases. You will also need the order of your names as in the PF records and lastly your mobile number which should be functional.
To register for the universal account number, you will need to get a universal account number form your former employee who will get it from the Employee Provident Fund Officer.

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Then you visit the official website which is http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ and click on the “activate UAN Based Registration”. After clicking on the “activate”, you then enter the Universal Account Number that you received from the employer followed by your mobile number and your member I.D. Then click enter.

After clicking enter, you will get a confirmation pin on your mobile through SMS. On the same window, click on “I agree” tab then enter the confirmation pin you received in your mobile phone, after which you click send.

This opens a new window or a page where you see that the details you entered have been verified. You can also go step ahead and create a password for logging in to the mother portal which is the member portal to access the facilities provided in the UAN portal keeping in mind that your username will always remain to be your UAN number. These are the steps required to register for your UAN number.

After registering, you will require to log in to the portal. To do this, you will need your username which is your UAN number and the password that you created. Once in the portal, there are a lot of activities you can do including the downloading of the passbook,, viewing the link status, claiming the file transfer status, claim the system generated transfer, edit your mobile number and your email address, edit your password and personal details in the profile section, view the FAQ questions and most importantly download the universal account number card.

The UAN card is important to the employee since it displays the universal account number and other details of the employee. It has two sides where the front of the card shows the UAN number, the name, husband’s/ father’s name, the member i.d, the photo of the account holder and he KYC. It is important to note that if the KYC of the employee was uploaded by the employer, it will then show as yes on the front side of the card but if it was not uploaded by the employer but the employee, the KYC will show NO.

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The card will have the latest five member ids that the employee has and they must be linked to the UAN. Also, the back will contain the help desk and the help desk email that will enable the employee to contact the help desk easily.

UAN Balance Checking By SMS / Miss Call

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Due to developing technology in the modernized era of today. One can easily access his or her EPF balance by simply sending a text message to 7738299899. This text message should be written and stated in a certain format such as EPFOHO UAN ENG.

You are allowed to choose the language you want your massage in, for example in the above illustration ENG is an abbreviation to mean English language. However, you can still receive the details and information in any one of this linguistics Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannad, Guajarati, Bengali and Malayalam.

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There are certain condition a person is required to meet so that the text message facility can function properly. Below the circumstances are listed.

  1. The mobile number you are using should be registered as yours in UAN database portal
  2. The UAN of a participant is to be seeded through a bank account, PAN card or even Aadhar card number.
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It is a method of acquiring your balance that’s pretty simple and efficient. Therefore, people should easily embrace it and adapt it. It is useful since it assists one in monitoring his or her account balance without necessarily going to the establishment itself to ask for succor.

The other way that enables you to access information on your balance and other details through your phone is a missed call. You are required to call 01122901406. Once you have just made your missed call, soon after, you will receive a text message from EPFO. This message will have your required PF details plus your UAN balance. This would only work if:

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  1. Your UAN number is listed in the UAN database portal
  2. The UAN Number of the participant member is well seeded through a bank account, aadhaar number card or PAN card.

Both of these methods are very stress-free for one to perform and take very few minutes to complete and get the reply back.

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How to Check UAN balance by SMS?

To use this facility one should get registered to the UAN member’s portal. After registering to the UAN member’s portal you can log in to the portal by using your UAN number and password. After that, you have to register your mobile number to the UAN member’s portal. You can register your mobile number while submitting the KYC or while registering for the UAN.

UAN balance check by SMS Process:

  • Visit the EPFO official portal
  • Select the EPFO –Mobile Application (UMANG) from the main menu.
  • EPFO –Mobile Application (UMANG) window will be displayed.
  • Now enter your UAN number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter the text code or captcha code present in the box below.
  • After entering all the details now click on the search button.
  • A window will be displayed now enter your mobile number to register.
  • Once after entering your mobile number click the submit button.

UAN balance check by SMS – https://web.umang.gov.in/web/

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