Check EPF Balance Online

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In bid to promote clients’ access to information, the Employee Provident Fund has set up a convenient way through which contributors can check their EPF balances online. A person only needs to log onto the EPF website, insert a few details, and receive their balance details through SMS within as short time as five minutes. This will show you how to check EPF balance online:

How to Check EPF Passbook Online Explained on YouTube in Hindi:

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How to Check EPF Balance Online?

  • Visit the EPFO official portal.
  • Select EPFO member’s portal.
  • Login to the EPFO member’s portal by using your UAN number and password.
  • Click the online services option from the main menu.
  • Online services window will be displayed now select the Claim status option from the main menu.
  • Pf claim status online window will be displayed with your personal details.
  • Before proceeding, verify your personal and KYC details.
  • After the verification click on the Proceed for online claim status check option.
  • A window will be displayed with EPF balance details.

EPF Balance check online –

What you need

You must have the following to access this service:

  1. Your PF number- you can locate it on your salary slip
  2. A mobile device: it should have the mobile number that you indicated in your EPF records. If you have a new number, then you will have to update it in your records before you can receive your balance details via the online means. Read other articles on how to update your PF records.

With these, you are good to go. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Copy and paste this link to your browser:
  2. On the resulting page, find and click the link titled “know your claim status”. You can read the information for specific instructions before you proceed to the link.
  3. The next page will provide you with the list of states where EPF offices reside. You can only find your own account by selecting the appropriate state where your holding office is situated. If it is Punjab for instance, select Punjab and not any other.
  4. In the new list provided, pick your regional office. These are labeled by letter codes. Don’t worry of you do not know your regional office code off head; it is there in your PF number. Just check the letters in the first section PF the PF number. If for example your number is DL/12345/6789, then DL is your regional office code.
  5. Upon clicking, a form will appear on the screen where you need to insert specific details. These include your name, mobile number, and PF number.
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In the form, ensure that you put your name in the order in which it appears on your payment slip. If you updated your mobile number, use the current one in the records.

While entering PF number, the first box will require seven digits. Many people have only 5 digit numbers; if you are one of them, put to zeros in before inserting the remaining digits.

Afterwards, put the four-digit account number and extension code in their appropriate boxes. Leave the extension code space blank if your account number does not have one.

Lastly, accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the check box and submit the form.

You will receive a text message shortly bearing your EPF account details. In the SMS, there are short forms such as EE Amt. and ER Amt. with amounts accompanying them. The former stands for your own contribution, while the latter is the total fund that your employer has submitted to until the last time that your account was updated.

If you fail to get your records in the system, promptly contact your regional office.

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