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Retirement fund system in India that provides some benefits to people who earn a salary referred to as Provident Fund (PF) or Employee Provident Fund (EPF).Under this system the employee and employer both give equally. Now the organization [EPFO]has come up with an online accessible passbook flair referred to as EPF e-passbook. Through which an EPF account owners can frequently check the current status of their respective account. A member can easily access all details of the account balance and also have a look at the current status situation anytime he or she wants.

Registration for EPFO

So as to access this online facility of EPF e-passbook, a person has to join through registration which is compulsory. During the registration process several details are required. Below is the list of the necessary information needed;

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Mobile digits

The account number of the bank, voter registration ID card, driving license, PAN card, passport number, Aadhaar card, and Ration Card Number are some of the documents needed. One of the above listed documents will be required in filling in all your required details. The information to be provided must be truthful. Depending upon assortment of the document a person has given out, the number of document is important.

  • Give out the correct name as stated on the document.
  • Email ID
  • Write the confirmation words as they appear on the provided image. Afterwards click on GET PIN.

You will be provided with a four digit number device. After the form submission you are expected to acquire the needed confirmation on your mobile phone. Hence, as simply and quickly as that the registration procedure is completed. Therefore you can easily login in the member portal to check for your current status online. This method is encouraged since it enables members to access all their details without much struggling.

 Generation of the e-passbook[EPF] online

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You can easily log into your account by simply selecting the document provided during registration. Fill in the number of the document and mobile phone number. After login in, on your screen will see your details. You can decide to change the current information by clicking onto your name.

The E-passbook can easily be downloaded from this page. It is done through the clicking of E-passbook download section, then make a selection of your state.After that a PF office in that chosen state has to be selected. Make a point of knowing your state office.

Afterwards enter account digits details of your EPF. The name you provided should  be the same as in the EPFO records. Fill in the captcha and then click on GET PIN, you will receive pin on your phone. Save the pin and keep it safe. It is only for you, therefore should not be shared with other people.

If you e-passbook is readily accessible you can easily download it. If it is not, you are to receive a message stating so and the next step you are required to follow will also be stated.

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Some point to keep in mind regarding EPF e-passbook

  • One mobile number is to be used in one registration. One can simply edit the provided mobile numerals later on.
  • You are allowed to only see one account under just one establishment.
  • You can easily transfer your ancient EPF account to brand new one.
  • You can easily register using a different ID proof and even mobile number so as to view the fine points of different accounts.
  • You are not able to view the inoperative and settled accounts.
  • Your e-passbook is to contain the exact date and month of all the transaction made in your account from the exact year in which annual accounts were updated for the establishment.

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EPFO UP                                  EPFO MP                               EPFO AP            

EPFO Delhi                             EPFO Maharashtra            EPFO Bihar

EPFO Tamil Nadu                 EPFO  Karnataka                EPFO Telangana

EPFO Kerala                           EPFO Odisha                        EPFO West Bengal

EPFO Chhattisgarh              EPFO Jharkhand                 EPFO Rajasthan

EPFO Haryana                      EPFO Punjab                        EPFO Jammu & Kashmir

EPFO Assam                          EPFO Chandigarh               EPFO Puducherry

EPFO Mizoram                     EPFO Tripura                       EPFO Arunachal Pradesh

EPFO Meghalaya                 EPFO Sikkim                         EPFO Himachal Pradesh

EPFO Manipur                     EPFO Gujarat                        EPFO Uttarakhand

EPFO Nagaland                   EPFO Goa

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