EPFO Portal Login

EPFO Portal Login

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The organization in charge of provident fund for employees [EPFO] is simply defined as a statutory which is under the employment and Labour ministry in India. The services which are offered by the provident fund employee organization are stated below in this article;

  • Provident fund system for employees, 1952
  • Deposit linked insurance organization for employees, 1976
  • Pension scheme for employees, 1995 

The member portal for provident employee fund scheme

The EPFO portal for members provides all the required information and various services that are related to your provident fund [EPF]. You are required to check in or log into the provided portal so as to check your provident fund balance. This can swiftly and quickly done by accessing your online account passbook of the provident fund. The portal therefore enables a member to get earlier balance feedback and evades the need to wait for the year end receipt so as to find out your account balance.

The portal website offers conveniences in that a member is able to log in anytime by simply registering all the necessary details. Afterward you can easily and comfortably view your account online.an added advantage is that you will be able to receive an SMS sent to your number when the e passbook is ready and available. Below this article will list the procedure one needs to undertake so as to be able to log into the member EPFO portal.

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How to log into the portal

  • You have to visit the member of provident fund website
  • Give out all the required details on the registration page
  • You have to make sure that the correct document types have been provided since the right papers that you registered with in the first original application are the only ones to be accepted. After the registration you are free to access the portal using with the information you provided with the PAN card.you simply have to select the PAN card number in the tab.
  • Check you the information you provided so as to the PIN number
  • After the submission of the documents you will afterwards get a PIN of authorization
  • Then type in the pin of authorization. Afterwards you will be completely registered.

Simply keenly the above provided steps and you can simply open the portal for members. Provide details that are correct such as your phone number, document number and document type. You EPF passbook will be successfully downloaded via the website.

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Things will be easier for you if you adequately remember the below points

  1. You are only allowed to use one mobile number during registration
  2. You can add other id numbers. You are only allowed to make use of one that contains your mobile number so as to log into the portal.
  3. You can only access your EPF account online passbook if your employer has managed to upload the electronic cum challan return online from the month of May 2012 and onwards

Once you have keenly followed the above instructions it becomes easy to gain access to the portal without much struggle.

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